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29.04.2012 | KeepLoop announces the first digital mobile 3D microscope

KeepLoop has now developed the world’s first digital mobile 3D microscope, which is capable of measuring surface micro topography. The whole system is portable and software operation intuitive with the device touch screen controls.


The KeepLoop 3D microscope measures surface topography from an area of around 5 mm x 5 mm and ~10 µm resolution with a machine vision technique called photometric stereo. By combining three images with different illumination, the 3D data is calculated with a special algorithm. Calculations and user interface software were developed first on Android 4.0 operating system. The system is based on custom-made optoelectronics device that attaches to the master device and forms the 3D microscope together with the proprietary software.

 Sample image: A 3D gradient image from 5 euro cent coin

The fully functional mobile 3D microscope prototype is demonstrated at the Drupa trade fair held in Düsseldorf May 3 - 16, 2012. KeepLoop booth is located in Hall 7.1, Stand D51.

 The world's first digital 3D mobile microscope is developed on Android 4.0


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