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19.04.2012 | How does Nokia N8 go with KeepLoop?

One (not so sunny) morning I opened my email and there was a question: Does KeepLoop work with Nokia N8? Well, how should I know? I left my desk and walked to the other side of the office. I knocked on the door and opened it. There was my boss (always sunny) sitting in his chair and Nokia N8 was lying on the table. I loaned the N8 for test use only. (No, I’m not gonna play Angry Birds.) 

I returned to my desk and started the test. The challenge is that the back of N8 isn’t flat. The lens is couple of millimeters higher than the rest of the back cover.  At first I put one metal sticker on the back but that was definitely too low to keep the KeepLoop attached to the N8. So I add another sticker on the top of the first one and that worked perfectly.  There is also a hard plastic bracket or cover available for the N8 which makes the back of the phone flat. With the bracket N8 is just like any other phone and works great with the KeepLoop. 

The result of my test is that Nokia N8 works fine with KeepLoop. Now I have to return the N8 to my boss and hope that he doesn't realize that I've beaten his Angry Birds record. ©

 Nokia N8 with two stickers                                           Nokia N8 with bracket


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