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09.07.2012 | KeepLoop image bank

KeepLoop has opened an image bank of pictures taken with the microscope device. The site is available in Picasaweb for all users and the microscopic images can be used freely just by mentioning the source. Users can also download to the image bank their own pictures taken with the KeepLoop device.

Currently the bank contains around 170 images, but this number is increasing fast as new objects are been photographed. The microscope device is so easy to carry around that all the people in the KeepLoop staff have them in their pockets wherever they go. Every time that an interesting surface, texture or microscopic object is seen, an image is taken and the best ones are added to the site. As the customer base and number of images in the bank increase, the site will provide a source of reference pictures or just a good place to look for microscopic images.
There are several different categories in the bank, which makes it easier to find the pictures you are most interested in. The microscope product is mainly aimed for professional users working e.g. in the printing industry, but due to the high enthusiasm shown by people outside the main target groups, some general interest categories like “plants” and “animals” have also been added. As an example, the picture below shows one infamous Finnish mosquito killed by our own CEO Ali Toivola during the last trade-fair held in Ylämaa (south-east Finland), where KeepLoop was present.


Finnish mosquito

Microscopic image of a Finnish mosquito


Link to the image bank: https://picasaweb.google.com/106438690093540963901

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