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KeepLoop turns your mobile device into a microscope.

Turn an ordinary mobile phone or tablet into an instant microscope by attaching a thin, magnetic microscope module in front of the camera’s normal lens. KeepLoop is very light and fits easily in your pocket. No apps needed. KeepLoop can be attached from one device to another in just a few seconds.

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Examples of use

Printing Industry

Take quality control to a new level when you need documented print monitoring. Whether you are looking at the placement of dots, the quality of material or printing plate, or the purity of the printing press rollers, the standardization of quality will be a whole lot easier with the Keeploop. Microscopic images can be sent conveniently to a review meeting in another location. At the same time the document is saved, which can’t be obtained by an ordinary loupe.

Brand Protection

With the KeepLoop microscope you are able to achieve accuracies of micro-code printing and the micro code can be easily displayed; it’s a very easy way to verify the origin of a product. Inspected items are easy to document and based on that you can quickly get expert opinions, even if from the other side of the globe.

Educational use

Biology, Environmental Studies
Gone are the days when studies involving microscopes are confined to the classroom. KeepLoop brings a nice dimension to learning, where microscopic examinations can be done outside and in the field. At the same time an image can be taken of the object being examined. This will allow you to study the object afterwards and look at it with a larger display devices; for example, a flat screen TV’s magnification is 250-fold.

Lots of possibilities in a compact design!



Imaging Pro Quality
Professionals can use and rely on one hundredth of a millimeter accuracy of images. Device accuracy even extends to thousandths of a millimeter. Magnification is dependent on the display device. A rough magnification table can be found here.


KeepLoop goes always with you
The device is designed to travel with you and fits comfortably in a shirt pocket. An easy to use accessory, which attaches to the mobile camera with a magnet. It is based on new generation of lens technology and has a compact structure with customizable features.

Technical specifications


Microscopic images can be easily stored and sent. KeepLoop enables new types of mobile applications in quality assurance, audit, inspection, teaching and research.

Easy to use

Using KeepLoop is is really easy: Turn the LEDs on, start the camera, preview the image and click!


  • Height80 mm
  • Width36 mm
  • Thickness9 mm
  • Weight23 g

Optical features

  • Imaged area width2,0 - 4,0 mm
  • Imaged area height1,5 - 3,0 mm
  • Depth of field0,05 - 0,1 mm
  • Resolution 6-10 µm
  • Fixed focus lens

Power management

  • Battery typeCR2016
  • Battery voltage3 V
  • Power consumption5 mA
  • Battery life90 h

Camera vs. display resolution

  • Camera resolutionDisplay resolution
  • 1,2MPTV / VGA
  • 3MPXGA
  • 5MPHD 720
  • 8MPFull HD 1080
  • 12MPQXGA

Magnification ratio

  • DisplayTypical deviceMagnification
  • 2,4"Mobile phone12x
  • 4"Mobile phone20x
  • 10"Tablet50x
  • 15"Laptop75x
  • 20"PC display100x
  • 32"LCD TV160x
  • 50"LCD/plasma TV250x
  • 100"Projector500x